Victory Over The World Baptist Church - 2609 West 4th Street * Chester, PA  19013
Calendar and Looking Ahead


Saturday; October 3, 2018, @ 4:00 pm - "Family Bible Fellowship"
Come out for our Family Bible Fellowship as we Study the Word of God, Feast on Good Food, and Enjoy Family Fellowship.

EVERY Sunday in October 2018 - "Youth ANTI-BULLYING MISSION
Victory’s WOA&E Nurses Unit is sponsoring Youth Anti-Bulling Mission.  Our RN will host “NO Bullying Workshops” For our Youth Every Sunday @ 9:30 am during Morning Fellowship.  Breakfast is Served Every Sunday for our Youth.  We ARE Family at VICTORY!

Sunday; October 14, 2018 - "WOA&E ITALIAN Crab Feast
Victory’s WOA&E (Women of Authority & Excellency) will host our Annual Crab Feast: Sunday; October 14, 2018 @ 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm.  For more information visit our website  or call (610) 246-9910.

Sunday; October 21, 2018 - "Virginia Family & Friends Day
Victory will Host our ANNUAL Virginia Family & Friends Day.  Join us for a Day FILLED of Praise, Worship, Fellowship, and Feasting with Pastor McDowny and the New Monrovia Baptist Church Family:  Sunday;October 21, 2018. Dinner will be Served Between Services. For more information call (610) 246-9910.  We “ARE” Family at Victory!

Sunday; Oct. 28, 2018 -"Communion Sunday"

Sunday; October 28, 2018 - Youth ANTI-BULLYING Farm Tour
Sunday; Oct. 28 @ 2:30 Victory’s Youth Dept. will travel to Spookley Farm, NJfor their Anit-Bulling Tour and Workshop.  Tickets are available.  Transportation is NOT provided; but, all are welcome to attend.   For Tickets or more information call (610) 246-9910.
Saturday; November 3, 2018 - "Family Bible Fellowship
Come out Saturday; November 3, 2018 @ 4:00 pm for an Afternoon of Biblical, Studies, Food, and Fellowship  at our Family Bible Fellowship. Biblical Studies Teacher:  Leading-Lady Vivian Clark and Moderator:  Pastor R. Leon Clark.